Corporate Access Control

Corporate Access ControlAccess control systems ensure you are able to monitor who enters and exits your business, allowing you to provide appropriate credentials that grant permissions.  Depending on which option is right for you, you may decide who has access to certain areas within certain times, and who doesn’t.  More sophisticated systems even allow you to include access to your business software, internet and intranet.

Card Reader Systems

Sec-Tron specializes in HID card readers and systems that provide industry leading access control.  As a key component to our integrated security solutions, we offer fully networked solutions for basic, semi-intelligent and intelligent security card readers, key fobs and other devices that can be seamlessly integrated into attribute-based, discretionary or mandatory access control requirements.

Security Turnstiles

Security turnstile solutions come in a variety of forms with varied access methods.  They range from waist-high, walk-through scanners to full-length gates. Each solution will be expertly installed and integrated with your current security measures to offer a comprehensive system.

Optical turnstiles are a visually appealing and modern option for lobby entryways.  These turnstiles rely on infrared technology.  This allows those with credentials to seamlessly enter and exit a premise without interruption.  This solution is ideal for areas coupled with CCTV and/or a live security agent to ensure appropriate visual inspection.

Automatic Gates and Security Gate Systems

Sec-Ton provides various types of gate systems and barriers that offer security and convenience for controlling access of vehicles to parking facilities.  Whether you require a swinging or sliding/track system, we can install and integrate a gated security solution with automatic card reader access and a full range of security technologies.

Biometric Access Control

  • Fingerprint scanners
  • Facial recognition technology