Commercial Alarm Systems 

Commercial Alarm Systems & Intrusion Detection

Commercial Alarm SystemsNo matter how big or small your security threat, Sec-Tron has the commercial alarm system to fit your needs.  The right intrusion detection system can offer you peace of mind knowing your property, data and employees are safe, even after hours.  The presence of an alarm system can deter burglary and theft, while an audible trigger and alarm allows for immediate response by police or other security personnel.  Our solutions are expertly installed and seamlessly integrated to provide maximum protection.

Alarm systems may be triggered by inappropriate motion, glass-breaking, software access, and more, and can be set to trigger any time of the day or night.  Sec-Tron offers the ability of silent triggers, loud, deterrent sounds, or both.

A phone dialer may alert one or more pre-programmed emergency phone numbers.  The dialer will automatically contact the first number once triggered, and then follow to the next numbers in line.  This allows for immediate-response to be contacted first, while quickly notifying internal security or business owners.

Intercoms & Entry Dialers

Both local and network intercom systems can be installed to increase security at doors, gates and other points of entry.  Intercoms allow personnel and visitors to talk to a central location—either on premise or offsite.  Entry dialers use standard phone lines to call predefined numbers for personnel and visitors to gain access to a premise.  The entry dialer will automatically contact the first predefined number, and then follow the next numbers in line as needed.