Customer Applications

Who We Serve

Hospital and Healthcare Security

From hospitals to nursing homes to primary care clinics, Sec-Tron specializes in implementing alarm systems, access control and CCTV/hosted video surveillance for healthcare facilities.  Because Sec-Tron stays in tune with current security regulations, we are able to provide the expertise and products your organization needs to keep everyone safe.


Industrial Security Systems

Whether you’re looking to secure a warehouse, manufacturing facility or other industrial venue, we provide the equipment and installation skills needed to protect your assets.  We specialize in blending access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection so that your property and the surrounding areas are appropriately fortified.

Municipality & Utilities Security

A core responsibility of municipalities is protecting sensitive areas, such as utility systems and city buildings.  Whether you’re looking for a single utility security barrier or an integrated intrusion detection system with hosted video surveillance, Sec-Tron can provide customized solutions for your safety needs.  We offer confidentiality and history of success in working with official property.

Office Security Systems

Sec-Tron helps secure offices of all sizes.  From a single room space to huge office complexes, our corporate access control, visitor management systems, video surveillance (CCTV & hosted surveillance) and commercial alarm system solutions provide the security necessary to protect your people, your privacy and your investments.


School Security Systems

Sec-Tron is in the business of helping secure public and private schools as well as college and university campuses.  Our customized solutions can include any combination of security products we offer, including access control, video surveillance and much more.